Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Attention Students: Feedback Requested

Students, we want to hear your voice.  Please give us honest feedback about the CHS Library using the form below.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Carroll High School Book Battle Team Wins First Place

On April 7, our school participated in the North Texas Annual High School Book Battle.  The battle was held at Southlake Town Square, and 18 teams throughout the metroplex competed.

We are proud to announce that the Carroll High School team brought home the first place trophy!  It is on display in the CHS Library for the year.

The event was a wonderful celebration of reading and the students were able to enjoy some wonderful books and come together as a team.

The book that were up for battle are listed in this post.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Resource Lists to Help You Choose a Book

Spring is here!  Spring and Summer Choice Reading assignments are upon us.

In order to help English 1 students choose a novel for their upcoming literature circle assignments, we have made public resource lists viewable to students.  There are several resource lists designed to help students find a book that fits their interests and values.

To access the resource lists, go to and select Carroll High School.  Choose the catalog tab, and the resource lists are linked on the left.  Selecting the title will take you to more information on the book, and selecting the Titlepeek Icon under the picture of the book cover will take you to even more information including professional reviews to help you determine if the content of the book fits your interests and values.

Check back often for updates and be sure to let Mrs. Loomis know if you have suggestions for a resource list or a book that needs to be featured.

This document explains the library genre stickers and also the Resource Lists in more detail.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blind Date With a Book

During the month of February, we would like to fix you up with a blind date--a book of course!  A variety of books are wrapped up in secretive brown paper.  You will not know the identity of your blind date until after you check it out.  You can read from the descriptions on the paper to see if you think you can find a good match.

Sure you might be disappointed, may end up having a great read with something you would not have chosen for yourself.  With each book is a Rate Your Date slip.  Say what you want about your date.  You will not hurt anyone's feelings!

Even if your date turns out to be a dud, all is not lost.  With each slip you return, you can enter our raffle for some fun prizes--Starbucks gift cards, chocolate candy, and more.

Stop by the library anytime in February.  Who knows, you may find your next book love!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 Reading Challenge

Happy New Year, Happy New Year's Reading!  Carroll High School is participating in the 2017 Reading Challenge developed by the wonderful high school librarian Naomi Bates.  Stay tuned for information on prizes and fun, but for now--start reading!!!

Link to the CHS 2017 Reading Challenge

Image Credit

Bates, Naomi. "New Year, New Reading Challenge! Are You Up for It?" New Year, New Reading
         Challenge! Are You Up for It?  01 Jan. 2017. Web. 25 Jan. 2017.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Book Tasting in the CHS Library

This Fall, English 1 classes at Carroll High School participated in a book tasting event in the CHS Library.

Students were given time to browse the library displays and select 3 books to "taste."  Books displayed on the menu for browsing included: Mystery/Suspense, Fantasy, Paranormal, True Stories, Humorous Stories, Horror, Romance, Edgy Fiction, Sports Stories, and Historical Fiction.  The books on display were replinished throughout the day and hand selected by the librarian based on reviews, awards, and recommendations.

 After selecting 3 books, students were given 4 minutes to taste each book and get to know as much about it as possible by reading the back cover and inside flap and were encouraged to start reading chapter 1. Students were also given 2 minutes to reflect on each title as they rated the book and wrote a few sentences about their impressions.

Students were then able to check out book(s) for their independent reading. This activity was a fun way for students to learn about the wonderful Young Adult books in the CHS Library, build their reading lists, and find something to enjoy reading this fall.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

What's Happening in the CHS Library?

We started off the 2016-2017 school year by welcoming the freshmen into the library.  Most classes were able to see this video and spend some time exploring the library.

The book club has met and we had a great time discussing Everything, Everything.  Up next is An Ember in the Ashes.

New activities for students in the library this year include the student run CHS Library Genius Bar and the Video Game Club.


The English 2 classes used the library and our great resources in September to research the lives of Hemingway and Steinbeck.


New books have been ordered, and we have some great ones.  Stop by the library anytime to check them out.


Also, Mrs. Loomis hosted the September Professional Development sessions for the CHS teachers and was able give the teachers a library overview and some tips on copyright.We look forward to the months ahead.  Up next is an exciting Book Tasting with some of the English 1 classes.  We cannot wait to see the excitement over the great books the students will "taste".